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It's More Than Just A Candle

A candle is an extension of a person, their personality, their lives. Fragrance is a powerful tool that has a way to evoke memories, elevate your mood, and create a unique ambiance in your space. 

Our Story

Velavida Candle was created with a little inspiration from my favorite TV show and a little anxiety. At the time our founder Anthony was an expectant dad to a beautiful baby boy and decided to start this candle business after a late night anxiety attack and an episode from one of his favorite shows The Office. One of the characters Jan started a candle company called Serenity by Jan. He thought what is a better way to help with anxiety and overthinking than to put his mind to work on something that helped him relax, candles! "Candles were something that I used all throughout his house as a way to relax and unwind from the day." And so it began……Velavida Candle Company.

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Handpoured Goodness

We hand pour all of our candles in small batches in Garland, TX to assure premium quality. 

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Our Candles Last

Our soy wax blend candles last 2-3 times longer than most other retail brands. Giving you more of what you love. 

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High Quality Scent

We use the highest quality fragrances that will fill a room and more. A scent is an extension of a space not meant to overwhelm it. 

You Don't Want To Miss Out

Know when we new fragrances and vessels that can transform your brand.