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Lemon Lavender


Lemon Lavender

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Lemon and lavender are a magical match made in heaven. This soy wax aromatherapy candle relinquishes a soothing scent that will give you some fresh perspective. Freshly squeezed lemon juice rushes in to cleanse the palette, while a helping of lavender embraces the senses to rid them of stress and tension.

Product Details
Wax Weight: 8oz.
Approx. Burn Time: 25+ hours

Candle Safety
Warning! To prevent fire or serious injury.
Never leave candle burning unattended. Keep out of reach of children, pets, and flamable materials. Trim wick to 1/4" prior to lighting. Burn no longer than 4 hours at a time. Container will be hot when candle is lit. Allow to cool before relighting.
Burn on heat resistent surfaces.

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